Build your mobile wallet.

A mobile solution for the retail & hospitality industry. 

The success of the Starbucks App



  • 8 million in-store mobile transactions per week

  • 23% of all Starbuck transactions

  • Over 13 million mobile app users in the United States 

  • ~7,400 United States stores. 

'Mobile order and pay is enabling us to serve more customers more quickly and efficiently and to significantly reduce attrition off the line" 

Starbucks Chairman & CEO Howard Schultz

How to build the BEST mobile wallet

Step 1:

Use a specialist to build your app:

  • LOKE is the largest provider of digital wallets in Australia
  • Millions of user engagements
  • Specialising in retail & hospitality 
  • Partnered with Google, PayPal, NAB and Oracle.

Step 2:

Choose your features:

  • Order ahead
  • In-store payments
  • Loyalty 
  • Social Engagements
  • Location based marketing 
  • Offers
  • Data

Step 3:

Get your demo: