Order Ahead

Allow your customers to pre-order from your store

Order ahead features:

  • New channel for sales 
  • Reduce staff costs 
  • Streamline the order process 
  • Increase productivity at your store
  • Cheaper than aggregator apps

Case study:

National Australia Bank (NAB) partnered with LOKE to build and support the NAB Dash app. The NAB Dash app is developed to provide brick and mortar merchants the tools to better engage with customers. The app was launched at Metricon Stadium allowing fans to purchase food and beverage from their seats using the NAB Dash app, the order was not processed until the customer reached a certain trigger point using beacon technology. Some key stats:

  • Consistently served 3 customers in the same time 1 customer was served at the normal till (excludes line up time for normal line)
  • Fastest service: 4 seconds (Fastest service at normal bar was 53 seconds)
  • Average spend: $20 p/p (1.65 orders per avg customer)