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Hands-free mobile payments

Key payment features:

  • Our app accepts all major payment types
  • Reduce transaction time by 60% during peak service
  • Cashless payment solution
  • Secure and hands-free in store payments
  • Invoices sent directly to your customers email
  • Multiple payment methods stored                                                                                  


The Rocks Brewing Company have leveraged their custom mobile wallet and loyalty app to drive retention through delivering incentivising rewards. We have created a range of rewards that are delivered to targeted audiences depending on customer engagement. This simple way of paying and collecting loyalty attracts customers, opens communication and increases the overall lifetime of the customers.



Retain customers through rewards.

Loyalty features:

  • Over 74% retention rate
  • App users spend 17% more than non-app users
  • 7% increase in new customers through refferals
  • Targeted rewards to segmented databases
  • Suggestive selling
  • Overall customer lifetime extended


Rewarding your customers creates a high retention rate, minimises the cost of promotions while increasing their effectiveness. Burger Edge utilises the rewards system in their app to incentivise spend and create change in their customers behaviour. With strategic and fully customisable promotions the merchant can be extremely creative and innovative.



Communicate to your customers in realtime

Since the launch of the Messina app:

  • We generated 10 000 downloads in each of the first 2 days
  • Reaching #2 on the App Store with a 5 star customer rating
  • Average transaction time has been reduced to just over 1 second
  • 83% of new customers added a credit card
  • Average order has increased by 65%

Communication Features:

  • Grow your database with every download
  • Send notifications based on customer behaviour
  • Location based notifications


LOKE has built Messina a mobile payment and loyalty platform opening new marketing channels to their customers. Messina lovers will now be the first to know when they are close to a Messina store, hear about brand new flavours and be rewarded with targeted rewards based on their behaviour. With geo-fencing just around the corner, customers will be sent a direct message to their phone when they are close to a store!


Order Ahead

Allow your customers to pre-order from your store

Order ahead features:

  • Increase take away sales 
  • Reduce staff costs 
  • Streamline the order process 
  • Increase productivity at your store
  • Cheaper than aggregator apps

NAB partnered with LOKE to build and support the NAB Dash app. The NAB Dash app is developed to provide brick and mortar merchants the tools to better engage with customers. The first stage is to allow fans at Metricon Stadium to purchase food and beverage from their seats using the NAB Dash app. The second stage is to distribute this technology across their merchant network as a value add to their existing product & service offering.


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